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Blender as Main Production Pipeline: A Simple Note

For those who are working in 3D animation production, you must have known that Maya is the standard tool for animating. However, there's a grown number of production lines that are using Blender as their main tool. Patopo Studio is one of the studios on that front.

Since 2012 (when we're still called Kampoong Monster Studios), we have been a big supporter of the Blender platform. We were part of the Gooseberry project (which unfortunately did not make it on the crowdfunding). Back then, it was difficult to find studios that mainly use Blender, but now we've seen a lot of big studios are using Blender as their main production tools, such as Embark and Tangent Animations. A lot of companies like Ubisoft and Epic also support Blender development, which hopefully will push more Blender adoption for 3D artists.

With the release of Blender 2.9 and the scheduled release of 3.0 this year, Blender has become more mature, and together with the advancement of real-time rendering and raytracing technology, we believe that the adoption of Blender as a 3D production software for both animation and game, will be faster in the future.

Our studio is one of the biggest studio in Indonesia who use Blender, and we're looking forward to collaborate with other Blender users in the future!


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