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Is AI the Doom of Animation Service?

Which one is made by AI? Both are made with AI but with different style

The Annecy Film Festival's recent inclusion of an AI-generated film sparked debate, but the jury's stance is clear: AI is a tool that will transform animation, much like the advent of 3D did for 2D animation.

We have always declared that the Annecy Festival should provide “a global overview of animation film.” This year, we have received dozens of submissions using artificial intelligence in one way or another. We felt it was important to select a few of these works so that discussion and debate about artificial intelligence focused on specific, tangible applications rather than being limited to the theoretical or hypothetical. Above all, we believe that the presence of creators using these tools is vital for the discussion is [sic] to exist. A festival such as Annecy is not, and never has been, based upon a dogmatic approach. 45 years ago, several festivalgoers and commentators were outraged with Zbigniew Rybczyński’s film Tango won the Grand Prix, claiming that it wasn’t animation! Today, this film is considered one of animation film’s great masterpieces. Some 20 years later, controversy erupted over films using 3d software. Today, it’s AI that’s the new bugbear. It may well be that this technological breakthrough won’t be anything like its predecessors. We need to ask questions, debates are crucial, but believe that in order to have intelligent debates we need to learn more about these works. This is the reason they have been shortlisted.

Generative AI's emergence has many predicting a seismic shift in animation production. Even Dreamworks' former CEO, Jeff Katzenberg, forecasts a drastic reduction in the number of artists needed for animation projects in the coming years. This isn't far-fetched, considering how technology, even without AI, has already streamlined many resource-intensive processes. Real-time rendering engines like Unreal Engine and Blender EEVEE are prime examples, drastically cutting down on the time and computational power once required for rendering.

AI: A Tool, Not a Threat

While few AI tools currently pose a direct threat to the industry, their continued development is inevitable. Does this mean animation service studios will become obsolete? We at Patopo Studio believe the opposite. AI tools will empower studios, especially small to medium-sized ones, to enhance their production capabilities and compete with larger studios. The ability to build efficient pipelines with the right tools will become more crucial than deep pockets.

Patopo Studio: Pioneering AI Integration

At Patopo Studio in Bandung, Indonesia, we're actively researching AI tools to streamline our workflow. Just as we embraced real-time rendering four years ago, we're now experimenting with AI. In several internal projects, we've already seen significant time savings using tools that automate tasks like generating 3D meshes from 2D designs. We're committed to staying at the forefront of AI integration, ensuring we deliver the highest quality animation services to our clients.

The Future of Animation: A Collaborative Effort

The future of animation isn't about AI replacing artists; it's about collaboration. AI tools can handle repetitive tasks, freeing up artists to focus on creativity, storytelling, and the nuances that make animation truly captivating. This synergy will lead to more efficient, innovative, and visually stunning animations.

If you're in need for an animation studio to work on your project, feel free to contact us at

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